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Caffe Barocco Est. 2005

Breakfast, Tapas and great Wines since 2004.


A little History on Piada

Piada or Piadina is an historic flat bread famous in Emilia Romagna, especially in the eastern part along the Adriatic, were it’s most revered and they call it Piadina Romagnola.

You find this Italian griddled flatbread sandwich folded into a half-moon. Popular street food where it’s sold from a kiosk or in a cafe, usually filled with soft cheeses and Italian cold cuts.

We of course decided to make our own, the recipe is pretty simple, flour, water lard or olive oil. 

At Caffe Barocco we prepared over 30 for you to choose from, hand rolled every day sometimes twice a day. Our menu include the classic must haves Piadine and some others more fun to discover on your own. We even included some sweet ones, almost impossibile not to make Piada your new Italian street food favorite.